About Thirsteas

Thirsteas was founded in Lubbock, Texas in 2021 by five guys who wanted to make the best dang tea in Texas. Our tea is different because we only use the best ingredients, including our high Alkaline water, which gives our drinks a fresher taste than the other guys and keeps you coming back for more.


you actually want

No denim infused tree bark flavors here. We actually listen to our customers and regularly try new flavors that the community suggests and we don’t put it out until it’s just right. We’re always trying new things and taking feedback to try and improve our products. Feel like a drink recipe needs more lemon? Think a new tea flavor isn’t “quite there?” LET US KNOW! We will always strive to make it perfect.

More than just tea!

Thirsteas isn’t just a place to grab Texas’ best tea. We also carry a unique, wide selection of snacks, beef jerky, jarred goods, treats, infused water, and more! Come on in to the store for a quick stop to grab your favorites!

We also try to source as many products from local vendors as possible to help support our local community!